Welcome to Hospital Mesa del Castillo, one of the leading medical institutions in the Region of Murcia since 1947.

Hospital Mesa del Castillo provides medical care and assistance, combining cutting edge surgical technology with attention to ethics, and the personal touch from our highly qualified, ever expanding team.

Our main aim is uncompromising excellence with a clear philosophy: our patients come first.

The medical and surgical care that we provide is in a constant process of innovation and upgrade, providing first-class care and satisfaction for all our patients and ensuring physical, mental and social well-being.

We work with exceptional professionals, for whom the well-being of patients is the main objective.

Mesa del Castillo Hospital - Fertility Unit

This is the area of medicine which deals with all aspects of human infertility and sterility.

The objective is to prevent and treat issues in human reproductive function, both in men and women.

There are many diagnostic procedures and treatments on offer, including IUI (intra-uterine insemination), IVF (in vitro fertilisation) and egg and sperm donation.

  • Fertility assessment.

  • Semen analysis, semen functional tests, semen DNA fragmentation tests.

  • Testicular biopsy.

  • Sperm freezing and storage.

  • Reproductive hormones analysis.

  • Diagnostic hysteroscopy and surgery

  • Diagnostic laparoscopy and surgery.

  • IUI, either with partner or donor sperm.

  • IVF.

  • ICSI sperm micro-injection.

  • Egg donation.

  • Egg and embryo freezing.

  • Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD).

Mesa del Castillo Hospital - Medicine and Sports

Hospital Mesa del Castillo offers prevention and treatment services for sporting injuries: cardiology, physiotherapy, orthopaedic surgery, and podiatry. Specialising in sport, our aim is to ensure cardiac safety, injury prevention and provide the medical and surgical treatment of injuries.

Before beginning a sporting activity or pushing yourself, it’s important to know that your heart and the rest of your body are ready to meet the challenge.

From a basic check-up to an ECG, or blood pressure or heart-rate Holter, a series of cardiac screening tests can help to prevent problems when exercising.

Knowing each person’s and level of health fitness helps to plan sporting actives safely.

  • Cardiology appointment.

  • Cardiac screening.

  • ECG (electrocardiogram): assessment of resting cardiac electrical activity.

  • Echocardiogram: evaluation of cardiac structure and flow.

  • ECG stress test: tachycardia assessment, arrhythmia risk assessment, post loss of consciousness assessment.

  • Holter monitor: episodes of arrhythmia or dizziness, more than one weekly episode.

  • Holter blood pressure monitor: suspected hypertension, treatment.

  • Ergometry: thoracic pain assessment.

  • Ankle-brachial index: cardiovascular risk assessment, pain in lower extremities.

  • Cardiac MRI: cardiomyopathy contrast assessment.

  • Supra-aortic trunk EcoDoppler: carotid murmur assessments, cardiovascular risk assessments.

Sports orthopaedics deals with the prevention of injuries, early diagnosis, adequate maintenance treatment, or surgery, and a swift return to normal sporting habits.

Physiotherapy helps sports professionals on a day-to-day basis in staying healthy or in recovering after exertion, and by playing a vital role in the treatment of injuries, helping in recovery and getting back to normal sporting activity.

  • Shock waves.

  • Deep heat.

  • EPTE (percutaneous electrolysis therapy).

  • Electroacupuncture.

  • Eccentric strengthening.

Our feet are the foundations of our body.

The balance and well-being of our feet are fundamental when it comes to preparing for sport.

We carry out biomechanical assessments and assess the need for insole support.

At Hospital Mesa del Castillo we also do foot surgery (verrucae, fungal infections, bunions etc.) as well as nail surgery (in-grown toenails).

  • Biomechanical assessment.

  • Arch support insoles.

  • Traumeel injections.

  • Collagen fillers.

  • Silicon prosthesis.

  • Foot surgery.

  • Nail surgery.

  • Verrucae.

  • Fungal infections.


    Unidad de Mama - Hospital Mesa del Castillo Hospital - Plastic and aesthetic Surgery

    Our highly qualified professionals at Hospital Mesa del Castillo offer both plastic and aesthetic surgery.

    Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Procedures:

    • Facial Surgery.

    • Double chin lifting liposculpture.

    • Rhinoplasty.

    • Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty).

    • Vaginal rejuvenation.

    • Male breast surgery.

    • Lipostructure or fat transfer.

    • Breast reconstruction.

    • Genital surgery.

    • Post-bariatric surgery.

    • Breasts, abdomen, thighs and arms.

    • Treatment of scars.

    • Skin lesions and facial tumours.

    • Reconstructive surgery.

    • Ear pinning.

    • Surgery for prominent ears.

    Female breast surgery:

    • Breast augmentation.

    • Breast reduction.

    • Mastopexy or breast lift.

    Body contour surgery:

    • Liposuction.

    • Abdominoplasty.

    • Thigh lifting.

    Other services:

    • Aesthetic medicine:

    • Facial rejuvenation with Botox.

    Hospital Mesa del Castillo Hospital - Nutrition and Obesity

    The Hospital Mesa del Castillo Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty team offers patients the most effective non-surgical procedures.

    There are no side-effects and a post-intervention recovery time of a matter of hours.

    The doctors on the Unit are all highly qualified in nutrition and endoscopic obesity treatment, extremely well-placed to prescribe optimal treatment programmes and ensure healthy weight loss.

    Our nutritional therapists evaluate patients to determine the best treatments for excess weight and obesity, judging each case on its merits.

    Our personalised diets are designed to develop healthy lifestyle habits and, in the case of overweight patients, to stabilise weight.

    The Hospital Mesa del Castillo’s surgical team has a first-rate Obesity Management Centre, providing a complete solution for its patients.

    Doctors María Dolores Frutos and Juan Ángel Fernández, specialists with years of experience in general surgery and digestive apparatus, are the Centre’s co-ordinators.

    The Mesa del Castillo Obesity Management Centre boasts a team of specialists from a wide range of areas, from surgical and hospital nursing, surgeons, anaesthetists, endocrinologists, psychologists, gastroenterologists, endoscopists and internists, as well as cardiologists, pulmonologists and nephrologists, as and when required.

    Hospital Mesa Del Castillo has an Intensive Care ward and 24 hour on-call service to support the Centre.

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